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SchoolAdvice is Canada’s Leading Educational Consulting firm, focused on pre-university education options. Families come to SchoolAdvice for advice from trusted professional educators familiar with programs, schools, and specialized services.  With 400 plus online School Profiles families can review school options and chat online with an education consultant to ask questions and seek advice.


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Frequently Asked Service Related Questions

What kind of marketing services do you offer schools ?

SchoolAdvice is pleased and fortunate to be partnered with Chuck English of in Toronto.  His experiece working with many schools across Canada affords us the ability to bring his services to your school.

Here is a snapshot of the service stream provided by SchoolAdvice:

High Impact Branding that sticks

 A deeply considered, well-articulated and authentic brand is a powerful force that will drive overall school success at your school.

 This structured and sequential initiative uses a collaborative process to leverage the full force of branding, delivering both qualitative and quantitative impact for your school.

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Situational Solutions:

These are highly practical, short-term engagements designed to solve a problem or meet a challenge. Possible situations and related engagements are:

 In response to new or shifting competition, we can provide observations, analysis and recommendations for the best ways to articulate your unique identity and value in the marketplace

 As you launch a new initiative or campaign, we can develop brand-aligned strategy as well as corresponding messaging and tactics

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Independent School MarCom Mentor

A coaching/mentoring program that provides your school with practical and strategic solutions through regular, ongoing consultation and support. With a results oriented focus, the program will help schools tackle their unique marketing and communications challenges related to market positioning, internal communication, recruitment, retention, fundraising and critical situations. It will also build your staff’s capacity by providing best practice, knowledge and information.

This program is well suited for schools with

 Limited marketing and communications resources

 Marketing leadership new to the independent school arena

 The need for objective and strategic perspectives and advice

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How does SchoolAdvice help our school reach more families ?

Each and every day, 24 hours a day, SchoolAdvice is visited by families, both domestic and international, seeking Independent & Private Schools options. We maintain over 400 school profiles to provide our visitors with information about your school, but more than that we engage with our visitors directly via live chat, text, and email.  Our team of experienced professional educators is able to offer guidance and advice to our visitors.  They often take advantage of our free 30 minute consult to discuss individual schools.

Many families become our clients and from there we contact school’s admission teams to discuss applications and admissions.  With over 2000 school profile views weekly and over 100 students place in North American school in 2018, SchoolAdvice is an import source of new families for your school. We neither aceept or charge schools for placing students, we prepresent the family and it is the family that pays for the service.

SchoolAdvice Prime, what is it and what does it cost ?

SchoolAdvice Prime services include a custom designed profile page, message and inqury forms that deliver queries directly your school’s email inbox, links to the school webiste, admissions team, and virtually whatever specific information you school chooses to include.

School Events are full page posts, linked to the Profile Calendar as are SchoolPress posts. A SchoolPress post can be about any topic related to your school. Each post is linked back to your school profile and website and is designed to increase inbound marketing.

Your school’s banner, either submitted by your school or designed by us at no extra cost, are rotated on all SchoolAdvice websites for full duration of your subscription.

As a Prime Service client all Career Ads are automatically featured (front and center listing) for 10 days.

Cost is just $500.00 per year.  Sign up now!


We are profiled on, why consider SchoolAdvice ? is similar to in that we both profile schools but there are some big differences. To be on OurKids you must pay (and for those of you who are listed you know just how much that costs!) to be profiled.  Our goal is to inform and reach as many families as possible therefore SchoolAdvice publishes basic profiles of many schools for free. Although the profile contains fewer features than a Prime Service profile, it holds a great deal of useful information for the family.  Overall this provides families with more choice.

Prime Service profiles on SchoolAdvice can be unique attractively designed pages. Ourkids uses a more ridgid framework for their profiles.  Most importantly however is that SchoolAdvice is a team of experience educators.  Families engage with us online via chat, text, email, and phone to ask specific questions about schools and programs.  This factor explains our high conversion rate from inquiry to admitted student. provides information in print and manages annual School Expos in various cites.  SchoolAdvice does not offer either of these options.  We drive engagment with schools digitally and we offer it all for just $500.00 /year.  So if you are working with, great and we wish you success, but for the low cost of  SchoolAdvice Prime you can get more engagement and a team of professional educators working on your behalf. VS Comparison Table

What is Social Media marketing and how will it benefit my school ?

No doubt your school has a variety of Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goggle+ and others.  These channels offer schools the chance to spread their message and school brand without taking a ‘hard sell’ approach.  Instagram images of school trips, ski days, or school concerts  share sublte messages with the community, future families, and alum. They broaden and strengthen the school community. 

SchoolAdvice helps school maximize the potential of Social Media channels is a variety of rewarding ways.  Pixel based Facebook ads are just one example.  These strategies have proven to yeild a greater ROI that the typical cannon shot of a Google Ad. Talk to us to learn more. 

How can we boost our inbound marketing ?

SchoolAdvice Media creates meaning, personailed content that is fresh, SEO optomized, and designed to attract vistors to your schools website.  Do you have a special event coming up? Simply provide a few details about the event and our content wrtiters will do the rest.  Blog posts may be added to the school’s website or SchoolPress posts on SchoolAdvice with links that funnel visitors to your school site.

What kind of HR services does SchoolAdviceMedia offer ?

Career opportunity ads on SchoolAdvice are attractive, fully response, school branded, adn searchable.  Active for 60 days, each ad links to other career ads posted by your school. Applicants can see all positions available at a given school. A variety of posting options include, discreet postings, promoted posts, and featured careers.  Highly trafficked, SchoolAdvice Career Ads are an excellent tool for finding quality faculty.

Is your school seeking new Leadership talent ? SchoolAdvice can help you find and vet potential Heads, Assistant Heads, and Educational Coordinators.

What is a targeted recruitment campaign ?

Recruiting is highly competive. While a growing number of families seek respected boarding schools for their children, already established schools in Western Europe are building in the Middle East and Asia to meet a growing demand head on.  To attract valuable international families schools require creative targeted marketing campaigns to get their message in front of that audience. SchoolAdvice can help design, create, and deliver the message when and where it is most effectively received.  Talk to us to learn more about targetted digital marketing campaigns.

What is the advantage of WordPress managed web hosting ?

Wesite maintenance can be a time consuming headache.  Technological change occurs at a blinding pace and much like updates to your smart phone apps, your website plugins and themes are constantly issusing updates.  SchoolAdvice offers schools secure hosting on Canadian based servers running LiteSpeed Technology.  We maintain your site insuring that all in up to date, run daily off site full back-ups with one click restores, and much more.  All this for less that $1.50 a day!  Talk to us about managed wordpress hosting for you school’s website.

What platform do we use to build websites ?

SchoolAdvice is partnered with Sparrow Digital Inc. This relationship gives us access to a team of digital experts and web developers. Although we are able to produce websites in virually any format, the WordPress model is most widely used and extremly flexible.  Our team is highly trained in creating websites using the DIVI Framework on WordPress.  Unlike a typical WordPress Theme, the DIVI Framework allows for endless possiblities.  Maintained and updated like no other framework it is has become the industry standard.  



SchoolAdvice publishes education career opportunities available in the Independent and Private School sector. Posted positions include teaching jobs, advancement positions, admissions jobs, key leadership positions including heads of school, administrative and faculty support positions, communications officers and intern jobs. Every Career Opportunity post reaches thousands of professional educators and promotes the school brand. SchoolAdvice Prime subscribers benefit from Featured Career status, social media promotion, and secure school branded online application services to streamline human resource services. Jump to the SchoolAdvice Career Network

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